Kalash Language


The language of the Kalash is a Dardic language belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-
Kalash Women, Bumburet Village, Chitral Valley, Pakistan Giclee Poster Print by Doug Traverso, 18x24Iraniangroup; itself part of the larger Indo-European family. It is classified as a member of the Chitral sub-group, the only other member of that group being Khowar. The Norwegian Linguist Georg Morgenstierne who studied both languages wrote that in spite of similarities Kalasha is an independent language in its own right, not a mere dialect of Khowar.Currently about 5,000 people speak Kalasha and it is considered critically endangered by UNESCO.Badshah Munir Bukhari unicoded the Kalasha Language in 2005.Working in close collaboration with various international researchers and linguists, Kalash activist Taj Khan Kalash organized the Kalasha Orthography Conference 2000in Islamabad Pakistan. In 2004 he was able to raise funds to publish the first alphabet book of the Kalasha language based on Roman script designed by an Australian linguist, Gregory R. Cooper.

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