Renaming of NWFP was not based on justice (Merachitral)
The renaming of NWFP bring about of violence in some regions of NWFP province. The majority of 73% Poshtoons of this province fight to rename this province, the main reason behind this was the demand of such a name which can represent the poshtoons and their identity, so some names were suggested Afghania, Pokhtun Khawa, Khyber and Pokhtonistan. The name which was unable to  represent poshtoon identity, have been rejected (like Khyber, and Afghania) Remaining by Pokhtunistan have been rejected because this name may case heavy agitation as compare to khyber pokhtunkhwa. Pokhtunkwa it self also comparable to Pokhtunistan.  
To capture more majority two names (Khyber and Pokhtunkhawa) been merged togather as “Khyber Pokhtun-khawa”. This was enough to capture acceptance of the people who were favouring “Khyber”name.
The peoples who come up against this name know that 73% people of NWFP are in favor of this name. But what is about the remaining public? Remaining 37% of NWFP are not poshtoon in other words they are not in favor of Pokhtun-khawa.
They know majority is authority, but what is about their identity….? The chitrali public and the public of Hazara, come out accept that they all know that they are in minority in the province but why they come out against this name. 

Minority of 37% of non Poshtoon are not a part of Poshtun civilization, they are not migrated peoples, they are not living in poshtoon territory, they are not residents of Peshawar or mardan etc. They have their own separate territory, their own language, their own rich cultures, and their own civilization. Hazara and Chitral have their own identity they never capture effect of poshtoon culture because they are living in separate regions.

So they demanding such a name for NWFP which should not represent they only Poshtoon civilization of NWFP. And they were expecting this form the federal and provincial government. It is why they were silent when the renaming issue was booming up. But totally opposite of this expectation they poshtoon government struggle  only poshtoon nation of NWFP…..

The political parties of NWFP choose such a name for NWFP which was not representing any nation living here but only Poshtoon, on the basis of majority. This is not an issue of majority the suggestion of names for NWFP it self is not acceptable and do not based on justice. At the beginning such names were chosen which represents all the civilization of the region. Then it was to be scaled on majority……

Changing of name is not an ordinary issue it changes history and identity, if it is imposed on any civilization it becomes more critical. Recently the Gilgit have been given separate identity as a provience. Thy named their Provience as  “Gilgit Baltistan” why not “Gilgit” or “Baltistan”…? Because this is the region of Both Balti and Gilgiti nations. This name representing the both nation. !

As compare to changing the name of NWFP is concerned it represents only Poshtoon. Why. ?Is it only place for Poshtoons? The Chitrali nation and Hazara nation have been totally ignored. Why? If  Poshtoon is necessary in renaming of  NWFP, Chitrali, Hazara name should also must be included. As “Chitral Hazara Pokhtunkhwa” it is acceptable for the three nation of the Province .

Poshtoons and political leader are ignoring the two rich civilization of the provience only to achieve their political objectives. They know that poshtoons have majority in the province, it is why when some poshtoom nationalists come out to rename it as pukhtunkhwa they include their voices too. If Chitralies and Hazara nations have no majority but they have their identity. It is not a sign of justice and democracy to destroy the identity of civilization on the basis of majority; it is not a political election or referendum. It is more critical issue and every nation should be represented in this name. or Chitralies and Hazara division should be given their own identity by seperating them form Poshtoons.

Muhammad Azam 
Khot Torkhow Chitral

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