Chitral Students Welfare Association Peshawar Election (2011)

New President  Rizwan CSWA with other member
Chitral Students welfare Association Election conducted by the support of ex President of CSWA Iqbal Murtuza in Peshawar on 20th March 2011. Tow groups  participate in Election. Rizwan group and Arifullah group.
Rizwan Zaman group with 470 votes considered successful  out of  total casted votes 653 among this 3 votes considered non countable.
Large amount of chitrali students participate in election . The result announced on 5pm. after the announcement new elected President Rizwan Zaman thanked all the participant  of election and promise to struggle for the welfare and for the solution of problems which the chitrali students facing from a long time..
He said that we can't do anything with out the support of the students as well as we have the responsibility to work for the welfare of chitrali students as well chitrali students should do that with us. he also appeal to the opposition to work with him for the welfare of chitrali students. New elected vice chairman said that chitral is the name of unity and work together the most important thing is the unity and working together of the welfare of the chitral as well as for the chitrali students. The apposition also promise to work together for the welfare of chitarli students and for the solution of there problem.
Rizwan Zaman is the 47th President of CSWA

Vice Presidnet Imtiaz Uddin 

New Cabinet members Chitral Students Welfare Association Peshawar

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