Khot Chitral Pakistan

Ra-Joe canal of khot
Khot is one of the beautiful valleys of chitral situated in the north west of Pakistan in some 9930 ft high form the sea level. Khot valley is famous and old city it is the birth place of some tribes of chitral ie Khoshy and Baiky. The great grand father of khoshy and the Mir of Balakob (Torkhow) Mir Khosh Ahmad Beg first came here and choose Khot for his permanent residence. As well as Baik the great grand father of baiky tribes came here and become the permanent resident of Khot.

Khot is attached with Yarkhon valley in the east crossing the khotan pass, in the south of khot Mastuj valley is situated, in the  north the rech valley is situated which is attached with the wakhan Afghanistan by the Sha Junali pass, while in the west the Buzund and the Shagram the capital of Torkhow is situated.

Khot valley is very cold in the winter season and in the summer season its atmosphere becomes very pleasant and comfortable. In the summer the blooming of flowers, green trees, dark blue sky with a snow in the mountains and green hills give magical sight to the peoples. Many residents of this valley migrates to towns in the winter and coming back with the spring to enjoy pleasant environment and fresh air, its beauty as well as to participate and enjoy its traditional events summer long. Many other relatives and friends form the whole world and the town city arriving here in the summer to enjoy it, short number of professional tourists also visiting it but because there is no hotel available here but they still enjoy the hospitality of the residents of khot.

Khot is one of the representing valleys of rich chitrali traditions and culture, as khot is the old valley and many traditions are still followed in the same way and many traditional events of khot have there own traditional old rules management and regulations. Like the event of SOT-KORIK (traditional events of eating traditional food and cultural show in august in the pasture of khot), GHARI-NISIK (the migration event of cattle in July to pasture), and JOE-NEZIK (cleaning canal of Ra canal in the spring).

In the month of July residents of khot valley migrates form towns to pasture with cattle for two month, this traditional event called Ghari-nisik in this traditional event every person participates some of them for enjoyment and some for transferring the cattle and to hand over the cattle to the temporary grazier  this traditional event is celebrated in the same way form centuries. The voices of different cattle in the early morning and there different coloring for their identification, large traffic of ladies, children and men in the morning of Ghari-nisik in the road of khot are very entertaining. A person participating formally or not but he must enjoy the beautiful and fascinating sight of this event.

After a month of Ghari-nisik another traditional event SOT-KORIK is celebrated in the pasture of khot specially in the Shah-Lasht (Old natural polo ground in the hills of khot). In this event mostly males are participating large number of teenagers goes to these places to enjoy the traditional food obtained by cattle like Cheese, Milk, Butter, and foods cooked in the butter oil etc, and also to enjoy different traditional and modern games in the Shah Lasht and also to enjoy cultural show and dances in the night of sotkorik. This is a tracking type event celebrated in the month of August.

In the beginning of spring season the event of Joe-Shepik or Joe-Nezik (Cleaning and repair of Ra-Canal) is also oldest traditional event arranged by the oldest organization called URFI. URFI was established in about 1680 AD to care repairing, maintenance and to manage the Rah-canal was constructed by the struggle of Mir Khosh (Mir of Balakob) for the irrigation of khot valley there was no source to irrigate the whole area before the Rah-canal. This canal again expended by his son and descendant Mir Shauqi who was also Mir of Balakob. He expends and established URFI for the administration of Ra-canal. Now thousand of formers are the beneficiaries of this canal.

SM Azam Shauqi
Khot Chitral

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