Khowar name of months

In standard khowar year called "Youran" although the word "Saall" is also spoken in khowar which is later on included from Urdu.
There are twelve months in a year (youran or Saall) and four seasons

BOSOON OR BOSOONI  (Spring season )
March         = Gandur  hamal
April           = Kun
May            = Khezan
GRISHPO OR GRISHPOI  (Summer season)
June            = Pinimur
July             = Khumpasch
August        = Gomletri
September = Kolkremi
October     = Chanchori
November = Tungshal
YOMOON OR YOMOONI (Winter season)
December    = Pehting
January        = Ariayan
February      = Shadagh

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