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It is an amazing phenomenon that after spending billions of money on lawari tunnel project the disconnection of chitral with other parts of the country still remain a problem. Closing lawari tunnel for public transportation, disclouser of lawari pass due to heavy snow fall and the elimination of PIA flights to chitral at the level of stoping point is creating problem to chitrali passengers specially ladies and patients.

If the work on lawari tunnel project project scheduled according to the work plain there may not be any complain against the government and nor there will be a problem of payment to the consurned construction company. Noble behavior of chitrali people, mis behaviour of representatives and behaviour of succeeding government after after Musharraf is counted as cruelty of the government. Who not provided prescribed fund for the lawari tunnel project and used that funds on unlawful development projects in Gojer Khan and Multan.

There is no doubt that opening a way for the chitrali nation to connect them to the country for the whole year was an objective of ex president General Pervez Musharraf; ther said dictator is remembered by the chitrali nation because he was the only person who realized the pain of chitrali nation and decided to solve their problem by starting lawari tunnel such mega project for them.
The interference of General Ziaul Haq with the project started by Qaid-e-awam Zulfiqar Ali Butto is tockling mind but the Butto's own party government and Muslim Lege Nawaz such fedrelist parties behavior is amazing and will be remembered by chitrali nation.

The map of malakand division will be totally different if the said project complete ten years before, the territory may be a trading territory instead of being a centere of extremists.
The donation to the chitrali flood affected people by Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief minister of panjab Shehbaz Sharif is although showed past policy approach, but still the objection on lake of concentration and ignorance to complete lawari tunnel by federal government is reasonable.

We consider that lawari tunnel project is not only a cry of dir and chitrali nation but it is a door to middle east countries countries, by the comleting of lawari tunnel the trade with China and other middle East countries can be optimized the opportunity is beneficial for the country specially for the province of khyberpakhtunkhawa.

Leaving in separate part the importance and marits of lawari tunnel project at this time the necessacery step for opening lawari tunnel for every second day for passangers is very important. With payment the dueses and scheduled payment according to the procedure to the consurned company can solve the problem of opening lawari tunnel whenever needed. 

M Azam Shauqi

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