Rehmat Aziz chitrali awarded international by Wikipidia


A chitrali writter, poet, researcher, TV host the inventer of khowar vertual keyboad have been awarded by wikipidia foundation as "The Pakistan Barnstar of National Merit" on his work specially on promoting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Chitral related topics on Wikipedia wiki.

Rahmat Aziz chitrali born in khot valley chitral in 25 April 1970. He receive his basic education in khot valley chitral after Matriculation he get admission in Government Inter College Booni were he passed FA and for Higher Education he went to karachi and get degree in Islamic studies specializing on Quraan and Tafseer and LLB.

In 1996 he started working for the promotion of khowar language with Khowar Academy. Rehmat Aziz chitrali have worked to promote khowar and other languages of nothern areas and gilgit internationally. He work perticularly made khowar with computer and solved computer writing problem by inventing khowar vertual keyboad which is avalable free on the internet.

His work on khowar and grammer for childrens and other books related to poetry and literature have played a vital role in promoting khowar internationally. He has written different books as Guldaan-e- Rahmat, Guldasta-e-Rahmat, Gulzokh,Gul Afshaniat-eIqbal, Khowar language Vocabulary, Urdu Vocabulary, Khowar Keyboard, khowar Dictionary, Khowar Words, khowar Grammar, Brahui Primer, Balochi Primer, Chitrali- Urdu Conversation and some are in progress.
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