A view of chitral town
Chitral is the name of a whole district as well as the main town of this district. It draws its name from a tribe known as Chetar. In Khowar, Chetar means a tribe or farm, for the tribe was built upon a big farm. Mountain glaciers, weathering, erosion, tectonic uplift, earthquakes, landslides and floods contribute their share in shaping the area. From the historical viewpoint, Chitral valley is closely connected to the silk route.

Chitral has been left undisturbed by invaders due to its location high up in the Hindu Kush. The Lowari Pass, more than 10,000 feet high, is the lowest pass that leads into Chitral. No army has entered the region by the path from Jalalabad that goes up the Kunar River because it gets too narrow below Ashret. Hence, attempts to invade Chitral ended in failure.
In older times, Chitral was known by the name of Kashkar. The foot of the Hindu Kush was the home of the genies. It is said that the genie who stole the ring of Hazrat Suleiman lived on Terich Mir and had his forts on many high mountains. At that time, forests and plains dominated the landscape. The genies used the grounds to practice drill and training exercises. Even today, those who go into the forest still hear the sound of parade and orchestra. The folklore of Chitral is mostly about fairies and genies, and about Hakeem Luqman, the Greek, whose name is associated with cure.



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