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World Water Day.
23 March 2011

The international observance of World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. Every year on 22nd March, we commemorate World Water Day to give awareness to general populace. Water has always been an important and life-sustaining drink to humans and is essential to the survival of all organisms. Our earth is composed of 71% water whereas only 2.4% of water is potable water. Water composes approximately 70% of the human body by mass.
Recently a research was conducted where it was stated that more than 40% of world population has no access to clean water. There are no proper sanitation facilities and a large amount of waste materials by Industries and other factories are released to rivers, seas and oceans without proper treatment. Access to safe drinking water is increasingly compromised by agrichemical, arsenic and fluorine pollution. Water is contaminated with industrial and household waste, or lead and other heavy metals also pose health risks and due to contamination the situation is getting worse day by day. This contamination of water is causing a large harm to Marine life and plant life. According to research reports 14,000 people die due to water-borne diseases daily. Not potable water is also producing chronic illnesses such as HIV-AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, and is a major cause of death and misery in many countries.
Some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability. Some scholars have also predicted that next world war is going to be on water because of scarcity in water.
There are so many NGO’s working for the conservation of water. Also Chitral is among the lucky District of Pakistan where this NGO’s plays their positive role by conducting seminars, workshops on water. They have also improved the sanitary system of Chitral and the development work is in progress over there.
Now it is time to be an active citizen to save water without depending on any institution or NGO’s. We should accept our responsibility before it is too late. We have to do commitment with ourselves for saving potable water.

Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim, Sanick.
Karachi University.

I want to congradulate Mr Rizwan Zaman and the new elected member of Chitral Students walfare Association for their success in election.
Manzoor Ullah Raza
Qurtuba University Peshawar

CONGRATULATION to new elected CSWA group
I want to convey congratulation to the suspenseful candidate of CSWA for their success and I hope they will do more for the welfare of the chitrali students.  I want to congradulate Adnan Khan and Sajjad Uddin too. 
M Azam 
CECOS University Peshwar

Need Reporter form of chitral
کھوار زبانو آولین ویکیپیڈیوتے چھترارو ھر دیہاری اعزازی رپورٹران ضرورت شیر تان کھوارا نیویشیرو دوخواستان سوم جستہ 
کھوار سی وی اوچے تان مختصار تعارف کھوارا نیویشی ان پیج یا ورڈ ڈاکومنٹ فارمیٹا اسپتے ھیہ بشلی کغازا(ای میل)ا کوری انځاور
Education problem in Chitral
Respected Sir,
This is reference to the letter of Zia Ullah, President Students’ Parents Association, Chitral 26 Dec 2010. The birth of any child in any family causes a great happiness among the people and every parent’s has a desire to educate their child to compete with the recent global and developed world. Chitral is a far flung area which paralyzes the hard working people. The students have the potential and capability to take education. Due to some situations of financial as well as residential problems, they face a lot of problems in getting education. They can’t bear the expenses of residence in other big cities of Pakistan. The 60% of literacy can be raised to 100% after building university campus in Chitral. More than 70000 thousands are moving to the cities every year for higher education.
Female education is very important in today’s world to empower them. Females have played a vital role in the development of every state. Due to lack of university in Chitral most of the female students are not capable of moving towards cities to get education because of residential and financial problems. Most of the female students after doing graduation can’t take education and start living at home where their potential and capabilities are finished day by day.
If a simple university campus is opened in Chitral, will generate huge amount revenue for Chitral resulting in high literacy rate.

Sajjad Ali Shah, Noor Alim
Sanick, Garam Chashma.



  1. I want to congratulate Mr Siraj for his marriage, may Allah give him a fantastic life..
    from N.

  2. Status of Women

    In our society, discrimination against women is becoming a very serious social issue. Females are considered to be subordinate to males or in other way they are considered to be inferior to males. Very rarely the birth of a girl is warmly welcomed in any home. The discrimination against women starts when we do not celebrate the birth of a girl. Not so much happiness is shown in the house where a female child is born.

    It is said that women and man are given equal rights in every aspect of life. I disagree with the notion that females are always discriminated against at the hands of males. They are not given their due rights. Females are considered to be vulnerable in our society. A woman plays a vital role in our society. It has been our great tradition to take care of every female in the form of mother, daughter, sister or in the form of wife but now we have forgotten this tradition. Females have played a very constructive role in our history in different situations. Therefore, females should be given proper rights. By empowering females we can also construct our society in the best way.

    Women abuse, honour killings, acid throwing, domestic violence and rape are some of the injustices happening against female in our society. Rape is a heinous act of human brutality. According to a report issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 2,903 women were raped in Pakistan in 2010 alone. According to a global survey, Pakistan and India are ranked third and fourth respectively as the world’s most dangerous places for women while Afghanistan tops the list.
    We should give good exemplary punishments to such culprits after proving them guilty in the court. Such issues are arising because of not exemplary punishments to the culprits. The culprits consider themselves safe, and commit such crimes again and again. We urge the authorities not only to punish the culprits who took part in such heinous crimes but also want to finish such biased, brutal and wild decisions against women. The justice system should take proactive steps on such issues to control the brutal acts in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is also the responsibility of every patriotic citizen to condemn such type of dreadful crimes. We being the male, who are considered to be the superior race should take care of the dignity, honor and respect of females. They are our sisters and mothers. We should not restrict women’s opportunities and provide them the same opportunities as male gets. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has privileged female at the dark ages when females were buried alive soon after the birth. Females were considered to be the weakness of any tribe but our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) finished this interpretation and gave equal rights. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) showed kindness and generosity to females. He (P.B.U.H) loved his daughter Hazrat Bibi Fatima (R.A) so much. Bibi Khadija (R.A) who has the title of first female convert to Islam was also respected by our Holy Prophet so much. We should be united as a single nation to combat the cause of injustices happening with the females in our homeland.

    Your's Faithfully,
    Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim.
    President CSWA, Karachi.
    University of Karachi.


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